Speaker Testimonials


“He is a great and inspiring speaker. Go way out of your way to hear my dear friend Bob.”

MARK VICTOR HANSEN, Chicken Soup For The Soul, Best Selling Author & Speaker

“I highly recommend Bob Donnell. He is a powerful speaker. He has a lot of passion and he will teach you how to recreate yourself, get out of your head and step into your greatness.”

LES BROWN, Internationally Renowned Speaker

“I know how success arrives. It comes in the hands of a good friend, a good mentor, a good coach. Someone who can teach you the things you need. Bob Donnell is one of those people. He can show you what it is you need to get to your Next level. I trust Bob, I like Bob and I endorse Bob. Please give Bob a chance to change your life!”

BILL BARTMAN, Self Made Billionaire, Once listed as the 25th richest man in America

“Each time that I have brought Bob Donnell into speak to my Secret Knock conference, he has delivered. He has provided great content in such a way that the audience received many take aways and left them wanting even more.”

Greg Reid, Best Selling Author and CEO & Founder of Secret Knock – listed as one of the top 3 events worldwide by Forbes Magazine

“As founder of the Speakers and authors networking group (SANG) with some of the biggest names in the speaking industry, I meet lots of speakers, and authors, and I wanted you to know how impressed I was with Bob Donnell, and insights that he delivers. I sat there in awe when I watched how he talked for one hour with no notes and shared amazing stories and lessons on how I could grow my business. I highly recommend checking out Bob Donnell and his Next Level programs for staying on track.”

Larry Benet, The Connector, www.LarryBenet.com

“I have engaged Bob Donnell on three separate occasions to speak to the Orange County Chapter of Entrepreneurs Organization (EOOC). My first experience with him was based on a referral from a friend. His task was to speak to a group of entrepreneurs for an hour in a class room setting at our Mini-University. There were 3 concurrent sessions going on, in classrooms side by side. I started in one of the other sessions, but when I heard the noise from Bob’s room (laughter, clapping, etc.) I quickly moved in there. I was impressed, he had the entire room engaged in a very interactive “lecture”. Quickly I realized he is exactly the kind of speaker our group wanted to hear more of.

I then hired him to put on a 4-hour workshop, as part of another series. This workshop sold out in record time confirming my analysis is that this is a guy who our members want to be around and learn from. This led to the third engagement, which was to ask him back to the following year Mini-University. In each and every session Bob will educate and entertain his audience. His style is smooth and comforting, yet at the same time challenges the audience to think and look inward. I highly recommend Bob Donnell if your group has any desire to peel back a few layers of the onion and do some self-analysis.”

Scott DeLong

“What do I want from our guest speakers. Well, I want my jaw to drop…I want to mumble endlessly the words “Holy Sh**” when I hear or see something…I want chills so strong that they bring tears to my eyes…I mean I want to be moved. This morning I was. Bob Donnell was outstanding talking about the “Inner Game.”

What makes a person OUTSTANDING is having other people around them feel their own greatness. Bob did that as well. He had the room in tears. He rocked a few boats along the way. He showed us how to create results with calm intensity. The essence of calm intensity is enthusiasm and ease. He showed us how to choose intensity not stress and trust that when we tap into the inner game creating with calm intensity is empowering and fulfilling.

Thank you Bob Donnell. And I do encourage you to take advantage of his offer. You will not be disappointed.”

Patrick Carney, Mastermind in San Diego

“I have had several business consultants in to speak to my Sales teams over the past 2 years, and only one made a substantial difference for the sales revenue – Bob Donnell. It has been over a year since he was in to assist my team, and my team still talks about the impact his techniques and coaching has had on them. Sales immediately increased for the department, and each one of my team experienced increased commissions based on their ability to add value and hold a higher price point. Customer satisfaction increased as well. All in all, the best decisions I made was to let go of the reigns and hand them over to Bob for a day. A man of integrity, kindness and an incredible asset builder for any organization.”

Joe Ingram, General Sales Manager at Huntington Beach Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram #1 in California

“Thank you for your commitment to real estate. Your presentation on staying motivated in your career was right on target. I received many positive comments on our office meeting and your very insightful presentation…Your presentation was very timely, and your anecdotes were fun to hear and relate to.”

Mike Cocos, General Manager ERA North Orange County

“Bob I want to take a minute to thank you for inviting me to your Who, What , Where , Why , & When seminar that you held a couple of Fridays ago. I have been able to take the things I learned that morning and work them into my everyday events. The things that Bob teaches are very practical and you can implement right away into your normal life. as a successful business man I understand the value of a good Business Coach and Bob is just that. You do not have to have a degree but just a will to want to do better at your own game . Bob Donnell at Next Level helps you discover the uniqueness that we all have inside of us ready to be discovered.”

David Paget,Patrion Mortgage / Altura Credit Union