Get Connected

Get Connected

a monthly opportunity for people to meet and connect with others in business for the

purpose of  growing their businesses.  

A greater way to connect!

Not your normal networking

The monthly opportunity includes:

Educational piece

-An opportunity to have an expert train on a pice of information in which they are an expert and is helpful to the group in growing their businesses.

Introduction Piece

-Very different than a normal 30 second elevator pitch.  It will be focused on developing relationship currency people to your right and left and across from you.  

A Connecting Piece

-Exercise will be facilitated to help you Connect with people in the room


-No limit of professionals in a category

-Private FB Group Page

-No penalties for missing a week (we believe if you are getting enough value,  you won’t want to)

In the growing world of personal/ professional development and strategic coaching, few people are as well respected and adored as Bob Donnell. Combining a heart-centered authenticity with winning strategies for business and life, Bob has separated himself as a true leader in the industry.

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