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The following are the various communities that Next Level offers for you to join.


By Association

Next Level By Association (NLBA) is a community of like minded people who CRAVE meaningful/thought provoking conversation and deeper CONNECTIONS! At NLBA it’s about becoming the very best version of yourself!


Entrepreneur Association

NLEA is the association of entrepreneurs who are committed to excelling personally and professionally. 


Let’s be honest. It can be a lonely world as an entrepreneur. While I want to call the shots and design my work / life, I know that interdependence rules over independence. I need a structure that works for me and my business.

Welcome to the NEXT LEVEL Courses where you will find a program that will suit your needs whether personally or professionally.

Mastering Your Inner Game

Do you feel like you just keep working harder and harder. You keep trying new seminars, new gurus, new stuff and yet seem to keep getting the same results?


This program is designed to arm clients with the skills, behaviors and mindset to create better and more powerful connections — personally and professionally.

Art of Intervention

Ever hear yourself saying… ”Despite my best intentions, I’m just not able to carry out the actions needed to achieve success in (Fill in the blank).”


What area of your life would you like to see better results — health, relationships, finance, business, or maybe all of the above?

Business Intensive

Next Level Business Intensive is a quarterly hosted by Bob Donnell, Founder of Everything Next Level! If you are serious about growing your business or simply have a desire to start one, the Next Level Business Intensive is for you.

NL FastTrak

Helping you identify what exact steps you will need to take and map out the strategy for you to get your business up, running and sustainable.



MARK VICTOR HANSEN, Chicken Soup For The Soul, Best Selling Author & Speaker

“He is a great and inspiring speaker. Go way out of your way to hear my dear friend Bob.”

LES BROWN, Internationally Renowned Speaker

“I highly recommend Bob Donnell. He is a powerful speaker. He has a lot of passion and he will teach you how to recreate yourself, get out of your head and step into your greatness.”

BILL BARTMAN, Self Made Billionaire, Once listed as the 25th richest man in America

“I know how success arrives. It comes in the hands of a good friend, a good mentor, a good coach. Someone who can teach you the things you need. Bob Donnell is one of those people. He can show you what it is you need to get to your Next level…give Bob a chance to change your life!”

In the growing world of personal/ professional development and strategic coaching, few people are as well respected and adored as Bob Donnell. Combining a heart-centered authenticity with winning strategies for business and life, Bob has separated himself as a true leader in the industry.

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