Next Level Living

What is Next Level Living?

It’s not just enough to survive!  Have you ever known, seen, worked with, lived with or been THAT person. The person who is just existing and not really living?

Next Level Living is a community designed to support people on a global basis with taking their lives to the Next Level!

The focus is on YOU. After all, YOU are what makes your business, relationships, finances, health, etc. click. The better YOU are, the more likely you can handle things more effectively, get better results and enjoy the business, health, relationships, finances, etc..


What is included?

A weekly group coaching support call where you can choose to ask a question for direct, laser focused help, or be a fly on the wall and listen in.  About 1/2 choose to be a fly on the wall and just listen in and learn by osmosis.

The members private fb group is a place to ask questions, share stories and resources.  

Each week more information will be posted about topics pertaining to Next Level living.  The weekly group coaching call recording will also be posted in the group for members to replay.  If you are not able to be on the live call, you have the option of simply emailing/texting in your question and we will will address it on the call for you to listen to later.


Periodically Our Founder, Bob Donnell (click to learn more about Bob) 

will host live and recorded interviews with leading “Life” experts that will be posted in the Facebook group.

An inexpensive way to be  part of something bigger than yourself, get support, encouragement, resources and tools for taking your life to the Next Level!

Only $47 per month

(month to month)

A huge bonus package for those committing to a 12 month commitment including:

-Mastering your Inner Game Video Series  – normally $197

-Mastering your Inner Game Audio series – normally $10

-Mastering Your Inner Game Live Full day experience – normally $997

-CONNECTOLOGY video Series (over 4 hrs)  – normally $97

-1  hour call of one on one strategy and implementation with a Next Level strategist – normally $625 hr

-Reduced rate of one on one coaching for $1,000 for each 4 hours. – normally $2500

Your Next Level of Life 

is waiting!

Let’s Get Started!

In the growing world of personal/ professional development and strategic coaching, few people are as well respected and adored as Bob Donnell. Combining a heart-centered authenticity with winning strategies for business and life, Bob has separated himself as a true leader in the industry.

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