Why Next Level By Association?

Next Level

Group Coaching Community

Weekly laser focused, direct and solution oriented group coaching calls in which you bring what you want help with and we go to work on solution (not the problem)  Most have spent more time on the problem than it deserves already.  Very little time stating problem and even less on the “story”.

The call is normally facilitated by Human Behaviorist, Bob Donnell or one of his colleagues or guest experts.

Wednesdays at 10 am/pst


$99 down and $99 a month

*** It is a community and therefore there is a commitment of a minimum of 12 month and then month to month after the 12th month.

In the growing world of personal/ professional development and strategic coaching, few people are as well respected and adored as Bob Donnell. Combining a heart-centered authenticity with winning strategies for business and life, Bob has separated himself as a true leader in the industry.

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