Aug 15, 2018 | Courses

A one day live experience that will change your life

and improve your business!

This live experience is designed to arm participants with the skills, behaviors, resources and mindset to create better and more powerful connections — personally and professionally. Through learning and experiential exercises, participants begin to become master connectors by working through fears, limitations, false expectations.

The group will learn how to breakthrough habits and hang-ups that hold them back from their Next Leveland the results they are seeking.. They will learn to connect not only with others, but with themselves — often the most powerful learning!

Only $997


Because of CONNECTOLOGY I’m able to be genuine to people and it has helped open doors of opportunity for me and I’m here now in Boston studying for my MBA and connecting with fellow international MBA students all over the world while others are networking.  Thank you Bob. I don’t think I would have even believed I could do it if it wasn’t for your tutelage.


The way that I connect with others and the way that I network for business has been forever changed thanks to CONNECTOLOGY.  This one day created a new awareness of how I can better connect and reach people with my message, my business, my services and how I can make an even greater impact.