NL Entrepreneur Association

Aug 25, 2018 | Community

NLEA is the association of entrepreneurs who are committed to excelling personally and professionally. It’s based on the principles of:

Community: Let’s be honest. It can be a lonely world as an entrepreneur. While I want to call the shots and design my work / life, I know that interdependence rules over independence. I need a structure that works for me and my business.

Accountability: Some days I do, some days I don’t. I may never eliminate all, but I will eliminate MOST excuses. I know I need your help to do that.

Growth: My business only grows when I grow behaviorally and technically. Learning is a life-long process. When I stop, I die.

Results: There are clear and specific intentions behind my decisions and actions, and I am willing to do the leg work to get more and better [FILL IN YOUR DESIRED RESULTS HERE.]

The Next level Business Association is a community of people who are playing and operating from a higher set of standards and committed to getting even greater results.

Members of this program enjoy
Weekly Group Laser Focused Coaching sessions
Weekly phone group coaching session focusing strictly on solution with the belief that most people have spent far too much time, energy & resources on the problem , this time is dedicated to being solution oriented and laser focused!

up to 4 Business Intensives in a 12 month period
A full day held each quarter with experts and fellow entrepreneurs learning, teaching, masterminding and sharing resources. The day will will include

– hot seat coaching in the front of the room

– Breakout sessions

– Training

– Masterminding types of exercises


Bob Donnell