Next Level By Association

Aug 25, 2018 | Community | 1 comment

About Next Level By Association…

Next Level By Association (NLBA) is a community of like minded people who want to achieve their Next Level – in business/career, health, finances, relationships, or all of the above. In NLBA it’s about becoming the very best version of yourself, both personally and professionally.

What’s Unique…

Members of this community are committed to their personal and professional development. It’s not at all a networking environment in the traditional sense. The emphasis is placed on “who you are, not what you do.” Members establish rapport, trust, and an authentic connection with one another in a professional setting whereby building what our Founder has called Relationshaip Currency. We exchange ideas, leverage our resources, and use our expertise to create and grow toward that Next Level. We believe this is the foundation on which successful, win-win business partnerships and transactions emerge.

“All of us have benefited from the industrial age, the technology age, and most recently, the age of information. And without question, we have entered into the most influential age … the age of association. Never before has it been more crucial to be connected to, or associated with, people of influence.”

John Maxwell